Wednesday, December 27, 2006


So - what have I been doing in Australia? After 5 days in Sydney I hired a car and hit the open road. Basically my plan was to head south from Sydney, take in Melbourne and head over to Adelaide. Unfortunately I hadn't reckoned on how bloody big Australia is, and seeing as it's 1000kms from Sydney to melbourne and I had the car for only 8 days, I struck Adelaide off the itinerary.

The furtherest west I went was the Great Ocean Road - which had spectacular rugged cliffs and long stetches of golden beaches - and on the way back I passed the edge of the enormous forest fires they have been having in Victoria. Dead wierd experience actually. Also I've done yoga on the beach at Byron Bay and met a pron star called Ceaser while out clubbing in Melbourne.

However, the highlight of Australia so far has to be snorkjelling on the Great Barrier Reef, where you get amazingly clear views of multi-coloured coral, thousands of tropical fish swimming just out of your reach and jellyfish you can bat around as you like. The only drawback was the ridiculous superhero type pajama things you have to waer because it's stinger season. I was out in the water for about and hour and a half, but it just went in no time. Unfortunately I made a bit of a twat of myself in the beginning because my mask wasn't on properly (I have to say tours aren't very thorough with their instructions in Australia in my opinion). When I jumped in, my mask filled with water and basically I couldn't see or breath. But after everyone had seen my flailing around, gasping for air, trying to get back to the yacht it all went smoothly. One of the best things I've done on the trip.


At 2:38 pm, Anonymous steve said...

You want to watch out for those 'rays mate


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