Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Arriving in Oz

Well apologies for not updating this blog more often over the last couple of weeks, but I have had an absolute ball of a time in Australia. To tell the truth, I only came to this part of the world to visit New Zealand, and to explore the amazing countryside there, and might well have not stopped in Australia if some of my family hadn’t lived here.

I really enjoyed Sydney, and could easily see myself emigrating - great restaurants, great nightlife, great city in which to just chill-out and watch the world go by. The only drawback I've seen is the addiction to jogging. One my first day I thought I had stumbled across a special charity day of jogging, as thousands and thousands of people were streaming past me when I was trying to see the sights. Weirdly they seem to do it all the time...

I also met up with Neil Phillips while I was in town (veteran and former ippr-staffers will know who that is). Unfortunately he looks younger, thinner and healthier, but apart from that it was good to see him again. (I do have a picture of us both taken by a drunk Australian in a pub, but he has his eyes closed and it's not a good one of me, so I'm not going to upload it).

Have to rush now to get a train, but that will at least give me a chance to write up some of my experiences in Australia so expect more on Sydney et al soon(ish).


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Post the picture.


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