Saturday, October 21, 2006


So I'm in the backpacking hostel in Honolulu, at Waikiki beach. It's very much a surfing and beach resort - and everyone looks like they belong in Hollyoaks. V depressing.

San Francisco was cool - stayed in the middle of China Town this time, so excellent location. Just pottered about - bit of shopping, went wine tasting and out and about in Castro and Haight Ashbury. Very pretty city, with loads going on, but you only have to walk a few blocks and the poverty is all encompassing. Bit ironic, as I was reading Down and Out in Paris and London.

San Francisco was a bit subdued really, as I suffered a fair amount from jet-lag. I've never had it before but when you only get a few hours sleep a night - every night - you feel like a zombie all day.

Having said that I feel better today - and might even be up for that surfing lesson tomorrow...


At 10:37 am, Anonymous Mrs Battersby said...

Enjoying the sun in Hawaii, San Fran - how kind of you to put together this blog so that those of us sitting with our coats on watching our breath freeze (ok I may have made that last bit up for effect) in internet cafes in a cold Central Europe can think of you surfing on sunny shores.

Hope you're enjoying yourself - am quite jealous.


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