Thursday, October 12, 2006

5 days to go

God. Writing blogs is harder than I thought - it’s tricky working out what to put in and what to leave out. I was going to wait for more interesting stuff to happen, but I could be waiting for months for that to happen…

Anyway, am having a bit of a farewell tour at the moment - each night this week I've been meeting up with various friends in Gateshead/Newcastle for a drink and a meal. Head is suffering this morning, and I dread to think how many brain cells I have killed or what damage I have done to my liver. Anyhow, all good fun and nice to have an excuse to meet people.

So having done no preparation, I have finally realised I need to get my act together and went shopping in Newcastle yesterday. Felt very professional when I went into Tiso on Grainger St to buy a sleeping sheet to use in the hostels - almost sounded as if I knew what I was doing. Very helpful guy served me, and he advised me on where I could go mountain climbing in the North East (as if). Also bought insect repellent and very importantly I bought new boxer shorts (well it's communal sleeping you see). Who said this blog would be dull…

Also I booked into hostels in San Francisco, Honolulu and for a few nights in Auckland. Did it over the web easily – not like when I went to USA in the early 90s, when we had to telephone ahead and they would never answer the phone. It’s all becoming a bit more real now, and am beginning to work out there isn't long until I go.


At 8:49 am, Anonymous Hazel said...

Finally found your site.
Glad to hear you are having such a good time
No news in the old home town


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