Friday, October 06, 2006

The itinerary

Before I set down any profound thoughts (or record my scandalous behaviour) I thought it might be as well to set out the itinerary for my trip:

  • 17 Oct - leave London for San Francisco, staying for only a few days before...
  • 20 Oct - flying into Honolulu, and spending a week in Hawaii.
  • 28 Oct - Arrive in Auckland, where I'll spend about a month travelling round New Zealand. I'm thinking a little bit of time in the North, but mostly exploring the South Island.
  • 28 Nov - Arrive in Sydney, and spend a month travelling round Australia. No real plans, but at the moment I'm keen on Byron Bay and Uluru (Ayers Rock) - but will definitely dropping in on my family in Brisbane at some stage.
  • 29 Dec - leave Sydney for Bangkok - where I hope to find a remote beach to do nothing all day on, before arriving back in London on...
  • 17 January.


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